Warrior Custom Golf: VIP Golf Comps

VIP Golf Comps: Golfer and his Golf Club Are you a Warrior Custom Golf VIP? There are many benfits in becoming a Warrior Custom Golf VIP.

Get a free Hybrid or
Lob Wedge

What do I save by becoming a Warrior Custom Golf VIP?

The possibilities are endless, but we know you have heard that before so we will just tell you that the moment you sign up, you are saving a $500 initiation fee on your Invicta Club Membership, $100 on your Golf Access Membership, and hundreds more on free rounds of golf nationwide. Over time the savings just get better - after being a Warrior Custom Golf VIP for 6 months you will receive a $250 gift certificate for our online pro-shop.

What is the Warrior Custom Golf VIP program? The Warrior Custom Golf VIP program is the most prestigious online Warrior Custom Golf club on the planet. With the support of Warrior Custom Golf and Warrior Custom Golf customers worldwide, the Warrior Custom Golf VIP team has partnered with thousands of golf courses to provide Warrior Custom Golf VIP members with discounted and free rounds of golf. Warrior Custom Golf VIP members may also attend movie award parties, formal yacht parties, Nascar events, charity galas at the Playboy Mansion, Kentucky Derby parties and much more!

How do you take full advantage of all the advantages of becoming a Warrior Custom Golf VIP? After signing up, you will receive your login instructions by email. After logging in, the benefits are clear! From booking free or discounted rounds of golf to free Golf videos to exclusive invitations with other VIP Members, your member benefits are located in your control panel and are available to you 24/7!

How do you become a Warrior Custom Golf VIP? Simply visit http://www.vipgolfrewards.com/ and fill out the online form. Your first three months of your membership will be free so you can enjoy the savings immediately.

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